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Secure your investments in a photovoltaic power plant system with our high experience in solar energy. We are your competent partner for the realization of turnkey PV power plants.

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Grid-connected PV systems which are connected to the utility grid. You can find already grid connected PV systems everywhere: residential roofs, industry, public building and big plant on the ground. The lifetime is at least 25 years.

Off-grid systems

Off-grid systems are used in areas where there is no electricity network. They are also used in applications such as toys, mobile phone chargers, garden lamps, allotments, mobile homes,holiday homes, residential buildings and parking meters.



When you choose OnaSolar, the solar EPC leader in Egypt for building your solar power plants, you put our powerful presence —a guarantee of proven expertise—to work for you. And we are sure to find the right system among your needs.
Having a skilled partner you can count on is more important than ever—in fact, it's your key to success.

  • Profits from PV
  • Be part of the PV energy turnaround. With Onasolar you can invest in solar energy, from bonds for small investors up to individual offers for wholesale investors.

    Onasolar offers you the possibility to invest in photovoltaic projects sectors. Private investors, insurances and banks can invest their money in our projects. Onasolar offers a wide range of projects that guarantee stable returns.

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