Operations & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Made Easy with our Comprehensive Service Solutions for PV Power Plants.


1.     Rely on our expertise to simplify plant operation and maintenance.

With Onasolar as your O&M partner, an industry leader will be protecting your solar plant. From the manufacturing of quality components to system integration, operation and maintenance, to industry-leading research and development, Onasolar knows solar. Our only goal is to maximize your investment and provide reliable returns. We have strong relationships with the manufacturers of every component in your system. And we will serve as a single point of contact for all warranty issues. By providing proper maintenance and constantly identifying ways to improve system efficiency, we can ensure that your facility operates at peak performance.

Count on us for:

–      Dedicated O&M team whose only goal is to maximize your investment

–      Single point of contact for all warranty issues

–      Monitoring, analysis & reporting, operation and repair

–      Customized support packages to meet your needs


2.     Get the most from your power plant.

Since effective asset management begins before the solar system is built, we offer a full range of services, from planning to maintenance. As your partner, we’ll quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues to maximize the uptime and performance of your PV power plant, ensuring optimal ROI.


3.     Monitoring: Knowledge Really is Power.

At Onasolar, data overload is not a problem. We thrive on data. And with Onasolar, you always have a finger on the pulse of your systems, through:

–      Custom algorithms that can deliver a maximum resolution up to one second

–      24hour real time view at the health of the facility on a component and system level

–      Real time monitoring of environmental data such as irradiance, wind speed and direction, temperature and rainfall

–      24 hour, automatic alert system detecting issues affecting performance


4.     Analysis & Reporting: Intelligent Processing.

But collecting data is only one part of effectively managing a solar power plant; understanding and interpreting this data requires a detailed understanding of the factors behind optimal system performance which comes from experience. By analyzing performance of solar systems against real world environmental conditions Onasolar sees any areas that might impede your overall system performance and communicate high-level findings, recommendations and actions you need.


–      Compare actual system output and expected output

–      Panel to system to fleet views in monthly, quarterly or annual reports

–      Extensive reporting capabilities based on customer requirements – reported findings, trend charts and performance comparisons detailing system performance, maintenance activities, energy savings and recommended improvements to maximize return on investment

–      Optional submission of compliance reports


5.     Effective Maintenance & Repairs: Rapid Response.

Through remote operation and control of your plant, we stay on top of issues, often resolving them immediately. Our approach to plant management process ensures fast fault diagnostics, shortened reaction times, precise fault localization, quick spare parts provisions, and efficient troubleshooting. If needed, we can quickly mobilize certified technicians to restore operations with minimal downtime.

–      Remote operation and control of your power plant: Onasolar is able to diagnose issues remotely while assessing the need to mobilize technicians to maximize uptime

–      Fast response: When a system requires maintenance, Onasolar responds quickly with certified technicians to restore your plant to operational status while minimizing downtime

–      Thermal system imaging expertise: To identify areas of concern and proactively repair them

–      Module cleanings: Scheduled with calculated precision to minimize energy losses due to soiling while maximizing financial benefit

–      Preventative maintenance: Scheduled preventative maintenance and electrical testing and verification of systems mitigates risk of field failures


6.     Ongoing Analyses & Continuous Improvements.

At Onasolar, we are never satisfied with status quo. By constantly looking for ways to improve system performance, we provide you with the best guidance on how to obtain an optimal return on your investment.


7.     Onasolar Operation for Maximum Performance & Peace of Mind.

From single-axis tracking to fixed-tilt to special configurations, we know how to obtain the best system performance and uptime. With Onasolar as your system operator, you benefit from our experience with thousands of solar systems, including system design and construction, which means we have seen and resolved most problems – and can quickly find solutions for new ones.


With Onasolar, our experienced service team is deployed. We take care of small tasks just as efficiently and routinely as major repairs, such as a photovoltaic panel change and faults for inverter and interconnection system. With logistical expertise, we plan the exact workflow for the repair, procure all required materials and assign highly competent technicians. This involves the continuous update of our stock to accommodate the requirements of the plants and systems we manage, so that we can ensure fast and cost-effective resolutions of any faults or malfunctions.

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