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Maximum yields for large PV power plants

The number of large PV power plants is continuously increasing all over the world and specially in Egypt after the last FIT scheme. OnaSolar Utility solutions and EPC services meet the complex requirements of such plants, guarantee high yields, and provide an active contribution to grid stability. Due to our extensive experience in MW projects in Egypt and measuring the grid interconnection and power quality, we are a competent and reliable partner for utility-scale projects in Egypt and, therefore, provide an essential contribution to the aimed global energy revolution.

Utility-scale power plants

Utility-scale power plants are large ground mounted plants implemented either using central inverters or decentralized string inverters. Our engineers design solutions for the challenging of the ambient conditions such as heat or dust or grid interconnection access which must be taken into consideration when planning and implementing the plants. The integration of the PV power plants into the existing Egyptian grid infrastructure is also very challenging.


High profitability

Large solar farms in Egypt are facing increasing competition with conventional power plants. This results in new challenges for the construction of such plants, because the demands of investors and plant operators are increasing continuously. They expect low plant costs and high yields at simultaneously low cost of operation over the entire running period. OnaSolar Utility solutions provide an essential contribution to competitive electricity production costs (Levelized Costs of Energy) of solar power plants.


Safe investment

PV power plant investors expect low risks and high investment protection. For that reason, competent advice and sustainable customer service over the entire runtime of the project are particularly important. Long-term warranty contracts, including compensation for lost yield, provide additional safety.

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