Intelligent Energy Management

Tomorrow’s Energy Challenges.

As energy demand rises, grid penetrations increase, cut-offs and market dynamics change,

Energy producers and consumers are constantly looking for better ways to lower electricity costs and increase stability of their resources. Increasing demand and renewable energy penetration onto the grid The output of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind can vary throughout the day.
Today, utilities can already handle a certain amount of variability on their systems; however, as utility-scale solar projects continue to increase in size, the impact of their inherent variability on the grid does as well, causing numerous escalating challenges to the grid operator, such as: Grid instability Greater risk of outages Increased O&M cost Lower efficiency Frequency and voltage regulation Increasing energy cost and demand costs Today’s energy rates are complicated – and they demand expertise to navigate and reduce them.

Not only are there consumption charges (kWh) but also escalating time of use (TOU) and peak usage (demand) charges (kW). These peak demand charges often occur in the evening or during weather events during the day. when stand-alone solar technologies add little value by themselves. Some examples of challenges that electricity consumers are starting to face today due to changing electricity market dynamics are:

Change in tariff rates Changes in net-metering policies Escalating time of use (TOU) charges Increasing peak usage (demand) charges Today’s Opportunities.

As far as the PV industry has already come over the pervious years, Onasolar has been in business with the ability to integrate solar with complementary technologies, such as pv power plants, energy storage and energy efficiency which become increasingly important to solving our customers’ needs.

Onasolar’s Solution: Intelligent Solar Energy advantages:
- Shave & Shift Your Energy Profiles.
- Providing choices and flexibility to use your energy smarter.
- Delivering a comprehensive solution that combines solar with complementary efficiency technologies,

Onasolar’s solutions provide our customers the choices and flexibility to better control their energy usage – to shave more off their peak energy profiles or shift their usage patterns to produce and consume energy smarter.

Onasolar experts beyond Solar as a leading solar energy solutions provider, it’s Onasolar’s responsibility to not only be experts in pv, but also have expertise in integrating and controlling complementary technologies to improve the value of solar. Onasolar brings together a veteran team with diverse energy expertise from the utility, energy efficiency, energy storage, photovoltaic and renewable energy industries.

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