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From the medium-sized domestic plant, via projects on commercial buildings and agricultural, up to industrial large-scale and ground-mounted plants – OnaSolar covers the entire commercial output range with efficient smart solutions.


Profitability in mind

Specifically for OnaSolar commercial large-scale power plants, profitability plays a special role. All components must be aligned perfectly and must offer an ideal price/performance ratio. Particularly, our commercial solutions have decisive influence on plant design and therewith on the power generation cost. OnaSolar Commercial Solutions contribute to the reduction of the plant costs and therewith constitute an important prerequisite for each investor with the desire of marketing his solar power in an economically competitive manner.


Different plants and ambient conditions

The output power range of commercial solar power plants is wide and comprises many different types – from the heterogeneous rooftop to the homogeneous ground-mounted plant – that are partially subject to aggravated ambient conditions. In addition to different roof surfaces and irradiation conditions, there are dust and dirt, that’s why OnaSolar Commercial Solutions uses a strong materials and building their pre-assembled AC power rooms to protect their electronic devices to withstand the most diverse weather conditions.


Comprehensive monitoring and grid management

The larger the plant, the more important mobile plant monitoring and automatic alarm generation is in the event of failures. One or several data loggers recording operating and yield data and possible events are the prerequisite for regular and comprehensive control. From the grid operators’ point of view, who must guarantee a stable grid, it becomes more and more important that inverters also provide grid management functions and, therefore, contribute to the increase in grid stability.

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