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Quality and Reliability

Protect and enhance the performance of the photovoltaic installation.

Our solutions undergo continuous quality and reliability testing to ensure increased up-time and a higher return on investment.


Higher return on investment with the shortest payback time.
• Fast return of investment
• Highest quality products
• Offers capability to connect weather sensors
• Highly power production
• Online Monitoring and 24/7 support availability

Designed for reliability
• Quality of design, testing, supplier qualification etc
• Resistant to corrosion and pollution thanks to the use of an isolating polyester enclosure reinforced with fiberglass
• Optimal cooling of the switch-disconnector and PV fuses to increase their useful life
• Undergone extensive safety, quality and reliability testing
• Detection of PV modules failure and aging
• Robust design through rigorous Custom Reliability Testing


• Fits every site location with our plant’s design and module technology with a range of options
• Range available with and without monitoring of string currents
• On-field weather sensors easily connected inside the Array Box to avoid any additional equipment


Easy to service
• ONASOLAR GRID ControlTM identifies the service needs of the inverter rooms
• Motorized switch controlled remotely by ONASOLAR GRID Control accelerates lock-out / tag-out procedure and allows an easy return to operation


Easy to install
• Mounting on a support bracket for independence to the racking system, or attached to the racking system for less civil work
• Capabilities to directly connect up to PV string cables and output cables per polarity

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